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This transformative programme is designed to guide you into the shamanic practice of discovering and interacting with Spirit Animals. Spirit animals are considered powerful guides, protectors, and companions in various spiritual traditions. They offer wisdom, strength, and insight, reflecting qualities we need or already possess.

Participants will learn about the role of spirit animals in personal growth and healing, and how these connections can influence their lives.

Our programme offers a unique opportunity to explore the spiritual guidance that spirit animals can provide. Whether you are seeking guidance for personal issues, need strength during challenging times, or wish to deepen your spiritual practice, connecting with spirit animals can be a transformative experience.

What you will Learn

  • Spirit Animal theories across various Shamanic traditions
  • Spirit Animals & Totems
  • Create Medicine Wheels
  • Learn how to work with Spirit Animals safely
  • Co-creating with Spirit Animals
  • Reciprocity
  • Embodying Spirit Power
  • Animal Journeys for discovery, insights and healing
  • Distinguish between Benevolent and Malevolent Spirits
  • How to incorporate Animals in Energy work & every day life
  • When to stop working with an animal and when to request a new one
  • Spiritual Cleanliness

Our Spirit Animals provide answers and direction to teach us how to respect, acknowledge and honour ourselves as embodied Spirits.

All of our trainings are based on lineage realignment and honest spirit communication, and much of what we share comes directly form our helping spirits.

We will assist you to develop your own perspectives, tools, and techniques, from your spirit teams and lineage. We will provide instruction on the pitfalls, and inform you what to look out for, and what to avoid to become a better spirit worker in support of others.

In this unique two day, (or 4 week online) immersion, you will participate in Spirit Animal journeys, energy and embodiment practices & spirit rituals.

If you hold space for others, are a practitioner, group facilitator, or just wish to expand your personal practice, then this is one of those indispensable workshops to include in your toolkit .

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Spirit Communication is a prerequisite for Spirit Animal.

It is possible to take a Self-paced ONLINE recording of Spirit Communication - Here - if you miss a scheduled event - note Spirit Communication is a 6 hour training, and is essential so that you get some journey practice.  

To reserve your place on this workshop you will need to fill out this form and pay a non refundable $100 deposit.  The full price is $660. Enrol as part of FOUNDATIONS to receive greater value than individual workshop participation...