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Clearing Energies from People & Spaces

Spirit Weavers create safe, sacred energy containers, to assist you to:

  • Reclaim lost Soul fragments
  • Remove ghosts, entities and attachments from your field
  • Cross over dead spirits
  • Remove curses, spells, hexes and thought form
  • Remove the above from Spaces
  • Stop psychic trespass and heal the damage it causes
  • Return your power & energy
  • Remove the causes of bad luck
  • Heal from previously unyielding conditions
  • Increase vitality, to help deal with trauma
  • Upgrade your being and change limiting beliefs
  • Remove relationship-disrupting entities that are cause disharmony
  • Heal the metaphysical energy of stress, and emotions
  • Experience Ceremony and Ritual
  • Connect more to yourself, your spirit team and ancestors
  • Feel more grounded & energetically clean
  • Feel more present & connected
  • Reconnect to their divine timelines and divine essence
  • Reconnect to the natural order of earths cycles
  • Feel much more embodied, present, graceful, alert and aware

How to Prepare:

Relaxation before your session can assist your ability to relax deeply and let go during the session. Also, let us know if there are any concerns, doubts and fears that you may have regarding the session.

There is nothing to worry about as you are always in control and fully present throughout the session (with your eyes closed and lying down mostly). No alcohol the day before, on the day, and preferably a few days after a healing. Also please try to drink less caffeine before the session.

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About Shamanism

What to Expect:

A clearing typically takes 60 mins for the standard session or 90 mins for a deep clearing.  Longer sessions can be purchased to tackle more things.

The Preparation before the session is anywhere from 45 to 90 mins depending if you are the first on that day.

There may be a short or long intro talk, depending on your ability to settle into the energy of the session and your need to have questions answered.

If this is your first time, then please book the Deep Cleansing session.  Also keep an open mind, since, for some people, it can seem a little weird having a stranger shake a rattle or bang a drum around them, whilst performing odd rituals and incantations.

Soul Retrieval may require some gentle integration after a session, which can take a day to a week to work through, to help integrate whatever emotional experience that caused the soul to fragment.  Some feel immediately abundant with vitality, clear headed, present and grounded after a session. Whilst others may go on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, whilst they integrate the emotions, that caused the missing soul portions to fragment. Sometimes clients may process the grief of the removal of heavy energies that they had actually gotten used to carrying.

Grounding, earthing, and quiet time to reflect, on a long walk at the beach, or in a park, is always recommended after a session, if at all possible.  A good night's sleep may also be necessary.  Strange dreams may happen as the subconscious processes the changes in energy. You will not usually be told about everything that was removed, or the circumstances that caused your Soul to Fragment.

Depending on your level of sensitivity, a Shamanic Clearing will be experienced like a non-intrusive energy healing, an energetic purge, or a boost in vitality.  It is not uncommon to go through a period of mild grief after a session, as we can unconsciously become emotionally attached to those things in our energy bodies - even though they may not be helpful to us.

Clients typically come with around 100 different energy afflictions (on average, and we can detect over 600 different types of energies, entities, and issues that impact the body and energy system), and the practitioner will draw upon their helping spirits to assist with their removal. The Practitioner evokes a receptive state that enables access to information or assistance from the helping spirits, to guide the session.

Everyone will benefit from a clearing, every few months, depending on what type of lifestyle you lead.


Your session with me changed my life!

Out of all the wonderful modalities out there that I have utilised in the past year, like sound healing Ayahuasca, reiki, Kinesiology etc., which are all great and all have their place, I wish I started with you.

I feel like everyone should start with you and your work. Otherwise one will simply go around in circles, and not fix the root cause, and the problems will always persist, and one will always be searching, trying, working, two steps forward one step back.

With your work I feel like I took ten steps forward. Or more like winning a 100m race at the Olympics. I can only imagine the feeling as you cross the finish line: contentment, a sense of achievement, and a sense of self. It's like, I've finally arrived on this plane.

It was life changing. Truly.

As an example... that little voice in my head, completely changed, it was like someone new was speaking to me. Someone with a new perspective. Someone more aligned with how I want to be, and more aligned with how I want to think. It feels like me - a me that I've never felt before. Plus what was interesting is initially the old voice or thought process would pop in for a moment, until the new thought process popped in, so I could really witness this outstanding change.

I cannot recommend your services highly enough, but unfortunately it is hard to even recommend them because people have to find their own way to you... but I just wish, I hope more people find you and hope more people follow your path.

I know that our work together is not done. Additionally, if / when you do come to the UK I would love an in person session ...

Richard Hocking, UK

I was recommended to Joseph by my sister in law and boy has it been the blessing of 2019!

Not only has Joseph helped me but has helped most of my family now. My family has been living with many emotional issues and traumas from our past that has definitely been weighing us down.

I cant explain the sense of relief I feel / we feel since visiting him for a healing. I wont give anything away but from the second you walk in until the moment you leave you will feel safe, cared for and listened to.

I had never done anything like this before and suffer from anxiety so I cant begin to explain how lovely this was to feel safe amongst the unknown.

I cant recommend Joseph highly enough, I feel energised and at peace for the first time ever.

Since my healing I feel less peaks in my energy and am able to control my rage and my anxiety better.

Definitely recommend!

Hayli Macilai Australia

I was referred to Joseph by my mum who had seen him a few weeks prior. She has been absolutely glowing and thought it would be as beneficial for me as it was for her!

I wasn’t overly familiar with Shamanism before my session however I went into the session with an open mind and heart, open to what might happen (however also a bit nervous as I am sure Joseph could sense). As soon as I met Joseph, I was put at immediate ease and felt comfortable diving into the unknown.

Without giving too much away, the experience was very humbling and warming and I could feel something happening / changing within my body – it was a strange feeling however by no means unwelcome.

Joseph explained it to me in a way that was easy to understand – imagine if you wore the same clothes everyday without washing them, you would feel soiled, and it is the same with your energy field. I felt like my spirit and soul had just had a big ol’ bath and was feeling very fresh.

Walking out of the session, I did feel very heavy and somewhat raw. At first I was a bit concerned however after a few hours of walking in the fresh air and taking everything in, I felt a sense of happiness and clarity that I had not felt in a very, very long time (years!).

Christmas is normally a stressful time for me however I had the most wonderful time with family and friends, and genuinely enjoyed myself and all my experiences.

Since the healing, some amazing things have happened and I believe I am attracting all this goodness into my life now!

I feel like all the clutter and mumbo jumbo in my mind is now gone and I have more room for all the good things!!!

I am so very grateful for my experience and will definitely be back when I begin to feel like I need a spiritual shower.

Thanks so much Joseph, very grateful to have met you and I know I will see you again!

Gabrielle Pavlou Australia

I've been collecting information over the last 7 days since seeing you, to have more understanding about the energy healing session. It has improved a lot on my energy levels and helped me feel much happier and I feel released from the past. I would like to share some highlights of my experience that you and the session really changed my life:

  1. Last weekend allowed me to settle the new energy in my body. I didn't go out at all but relaxing and recovering at home. I felt dizzy and sleepy for two days till Monday recovered. Feeling fresh and empowered in my workplace

  2. I no longer fear those dreams, related to the person I want to cut off - have been all gone from my mind. I feel the past is already finished and could face the person with more understanding, confidence and respect

  3. I feel more energised than before,  feel more grounded and want to explore more with the nature.

  4. I feel more brave to take the transformation path, making new changes to move forward - start planning to move home closer to the nature and change a few other things

  5. I feel more self-centred, protected and feel more of myself, knowing what I need to do and how to proceed the things with clear mind.

  6. Thank you for finding my 1st spirit animal for me as its has really inspired me to connect more with the spiritual world, have more passion about learning more to help others as well

Overall, it's really a magical and successful session that has helped me to move forwards with brighter future and directions.

Angela Chen Australia

"I highly recommend the Shamanic Clearing with Joseph. Thank you for teaching me so much about myself and helping me clear my past traumas. I feel like I am reborn again and ready to achieve so many goals in life. One of them is to continue to learn from your extensive amount of knowledge"

Amira Elhawary, Australia

I was recommended to Joseph after visiting a long line of healers to help me cut cords from family and past relationships that were holding me back after a mid life crisis and relationship breakup.

As a healer myself I could feel I was drained but didn't know just how much until my first Shamanic healing with Joseph.  The process of the healing was quite involved and deep, parts of me were summoned, spirits, guides, beings, I could feel it all, saw images and connected to parts of me I didn't even know existed.. this was 'soul retrieval' as Joe called it, and that is what it felt like.

The shift happened straight after the healing, for the first time in possibly years I felt completely at peace, present and without the need to reach out to entertain myself. My mind was clear, my heart was content.

Since the healing I have felt a complete shift, I am more focused, more grounded.

Thank you Joseph, truly grateful!

Alexandra Romero Australia

"My shamanic healing session with Joseph really helped me process, and get in touch with what was happening in my subconscious. I connected with past loved ones and cleared out room in my heart for love, rather than grief.  The experience was irreplaceable, and has allowed me to properly heal some painful wounds.I also had a very clear vision of a guide for the first time! I've since felt so much more focused and in touch with myself.I'd recommend Shamanic Healing to anyone and everyone who wants to do the same! "

Gretel Sharp Australia