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Transforming the Energy of Your Business

Shamanic business cleansing involves the use of shamanic techniques to remove negative energies, entities, and attachments from your business deva and all elements of your business.

This not only restores the deva back to a state of balance, it will, if necessary address the cleansing of the physical space and all the property, plus the metaphysical and spiritual domain of the business, to restore a harmonious and productive atmosphere.

The Business Deva plays a crucial role in the success and harmony of the business but can also suffer from afflictions similar to those affecting humans. Addressing these afflictions through shamanic practices ensures that the deva remains a positive, protective presence.

The psychic terrain within which the business operates, includes not only the immediate physical environment but also the broader community and customer base. Negative influences in this psychic terrain can impact the business's sphere of influence.

Several types of negative energies can attach to a business, it’s employees and the deva, impacting its operations, the well-being of its employees, and the energy between it and it’s customers. Negative intentions directed at a business by disgruntled former employees, competitors, or even clients and jealous individuals can manifest as curses or spells, creating obstacles and misfortunes.

Benefits of Shamanic Business Cleansing

Shamanic business clearing offers numerous benefits, enhancing both the environment and the operational efficiency of a business:

  • Improved Atmosphere: Clearing negative energies creates a more positive, vibrant atmosphere, fostering creativity and collaboration among employees.
  • Enhanced Productivity: By removing energetic blockages, employees can focus better, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Better Client Relationships: A clearer, more positive energy attracts clients and fosters better interactions, helping to build strong, lasting relationships.
  • Health and Well-being: A cleared space supports the physical and mental well-being of employees, reducing stress and absenteeism.
  • Protection from Future Negative Energies: Regular shamanic clearings can establish protective boundaries, preventing future attachments and maintaining a harmonious environment.

We call the collective consciousness of a business: the Business Deva.  This entity holds the energy for all your interactions and the exchanges you have with the wider community. It represents the sum total of every action in your business and holds your business persona and business identity. It holds the identity of your business and is subject to the energy incursions that afflict people.

The Spirit of place or Deva can be a guiding spirit akin to a guardian angel or protector. This entity plays a crucial role in the harmony of the property but can also suffer from afflictions similar to those affecting humans. Just as individuals can be afflicted by negative energies, so can this being. Addressing these afflictions through shamanic practices ensures that the deva remains a positive, protective presence.

Physical spaces, can accumulate negative energies over time. These energies often manifest in various forms:

  • Physical Space: Buildings, rooms, and common areas can absorb the negativity from stressful interactions, conflicts, and difficult emotional situations.

  • Objects and Furniture: Tables, chairs, carpets, furnishings and even electronic devices can hold residual energies from previous or current occupants or users.

  • Land and Building: The land on which the house is built and the building itself can retain energies from past events, including historical traumas or previous demolished properties that occupied the space.

Practitioners use divination techniques to understand the energetic imprints and metaphysical afflictions, in order to manipulate these subtle energies to bring about harmony and balance. This involves:

  • Detecting Energetic Imprints: identifying and interpreting the energetic imprints left by past events. This includes stress patterns, trauma imprints, and other forms of stagnant energy that could be affecting the business environment.
  • Balancing Earth Energies: using techniques like dowsing and earth acupuncture, practitioners can correct geopathic stress and other imbalances in the Earth's energy grid, ensuring that the business premises support well-being and productivity.
  • Harmonising the Environment: using environmental harmonising techniques to optimise the flow of energy within a business space. This ensures that all aspects of the environment are in alignment, promoting a healthy, vibrant workplace.
  • Removing metaphysical afflictions: the Deva can be blessed or cursed by others, it exists within a broader spectrum of ordinary reality, drawing to it magnetically similar energy from the Universe but, in particular, the Astral Realms. This means it is subject to it's version of those energies which plague people.  Clearing these energies will brighten the energy of the Deva and the energetic field surrounding and weaving through the business.

How to Get Started with a Business Cleanse

Embarking on a journey to cleanse and harmonise your business environment begins with understanding the specific needs of your business. Here are steps to get started:

  • Initial Consultation: Engage with a professional shamanic practitioner to assess the current energetic state of your business environment.

  • Customised Clearing Plan: Develop a tailored plan that addresses the unique challenges and needs of your business.

  • Implementation: Execute the clearing plan using a combination of shamanic techniques and geomancy as necessary.

  • Follow-up and Maintenance: Regular follow-up sessions to ensure that the positive energies are maintained and any new negative influences are promptly addressed.

An holistic approach to addressing the business deva and psychic terrain, as well as clearing the physical energies of the buildings, provides a powerful means of maintaining a positive, productive, and harmonious business environment. By addressing and removing negative energies, businesses can ensure smoother operations, better client relationships, and enhanced well-being for their employees. Incorporating regular shamanic cleanses into business maintenance routines can create a thriving, energetic workspace conducive to success and growth.