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Business Constellations could be called Success Constellations: since they address the effects that our family of origin and ancestors have on our drive, relationship with money, and our ability to wield personal power and authority to achieve success.

We stand on the shoulders of those that came before us, which means that any inherited dysfunction can undermine our ability to make money, create a small business, or become the CEO of an enterprise.

Business Constellations can target personal blocks, self sabotage, life purpose and one's sense of worth; regardless if you are an employee, employer or struggling to establish a career.

Small business owners can benefit from a targeted focus on all or some of the elements of your business, to understand the energetics of how they all relate to your business's purpose, intention, structure, customer base, marketing efforts or founding energy.

Bring to light unconscious patterns and loyalties from the past that influence present behaviours and decisions. Plus identify and address issues that may not be immediately obvious but will significantly impact your business's health and performance if left unchecked.

Every part of an organisation is interconnected, much like a family system, and it is possible to read the energy and understand those interconnections. We can visualise the elements in a business as a 'living map' and have workshop participants, or objects in a one to one session, represent various elements of the business to help identify any blockages and imbalances, and to facilitate realignment and seek clarity and resolution.

The process often reveals underlying forces and entanglements that disrupt business effectiveness, enabling leaders and teams to address these issues directly and restore organisational health. This systemic method provides profound insights into the organisational structure, enhancing decision-making, improving team dynamics, and increasing overall business performance.

Participants can engage in real-time problem-solving, receiving immediate feedback and insights that are applicable to their organisational roles. The facilitation of these constellations encourages an open environment where hidden issues can be safely explored and resolved. Overall, Business Constellations offer an holistic and effective approach to understanding and improving the dynamics within a business, leading to healthier practices and enhanced systemic awareness

Key Aspects of Business Constellations:


  1. Systemic Perspective: Business Constellations look at the whole organisational system and takes into consideration all its parts and the interactions between them. This helps to identify and address issues that may not be immediately apparent but will significantly impact the business’s health and performance.
  2. Addressing Complex Problems: It's particularly useful for analysing complex problems within a business, providing deep insights that can lead to sustainable solutions. By exploring these complexities, businesses can free up energy and resources, enabling more effective decision-making and problem-solving.
  3. Intuitive Management Method: Business Constellations can target repetitive problems and systemic issues within an organisation. This could involve anything from interpersonal dynamics to strategic planning challenges.
  4. Enhancing Organisational Health: By bringing to light unconscious patterns and loyalties from the past that influence present behaviours and decisions, we can help create a healthier, more balanced organisational environment. This often leads to improved collaboration, better conflict resolution, and a more positive workplace culture.
  5. Holistic and Interdependent View: This method is grounded and energy focussed. it takes an holistic view of the world, acknowledging that all parts of a system are interconnected and each part can affect the whole. This perspective is crucial for organisations aiming to achieve a balanced and effective operational mode.
  6. Addresses your relationship with Money: Your ability to wield power and influence, suffers from the same impediment that restricts your ability to command the energy of money. Working with money, has an holistic component, where we have to sit comfortably with our own sovereignty, sense of worth, and power to 'command' and influence how we work with this 'entity'. We address the energetic and metaphysical aspects of this relationship to ensure you are operating in your most optimal position. We can address this in a targeted mini 'Cappuccino Constellation' - which can resolve solely our relationship with money.
  7. Unlocks your ability to achieve success: We have an unconscious loyalty to the habits, patterns and energy of our ancestors. We will unknowingly perpetuate bad habits and dysfunction until we discover they exist and resolve the energy of the issues keeping the suboptimal traits in place. 'Success Constellations' will free up the dysfunction to enable you to fire on all cylinders.




It is our job to heal ourselves and lead a conscious life. We start by accepting ourselves and our life. If we can, indeed, love ourselves, we will feel worthy - maybe not perfect - but worthy.  If we cannot accept ourselves first, we will not be able to accept others; we will judge them (as we see others as reflections of ourselves).

We need to come to a point in our lives where we can receive the love that is available to us from our lineage - in fullness; regardless of how our life came to us, and whatever the situation and circumstance of our birth. We can do this at any stage of our life. It may help to connect to the nourishing idea that we have received life, and it is a GIFT, no matter the circumstances that created our birth.

Let go of the toxic pain and dysfunction, so you can take your life and the available love in full. If you are not able to do this, you may remain entangled or connected to the pain and toxicity, and risk having to perpetuate the dysfunction.

We all have an unconscious loyalty to ancestral and family patterns, and our family field (or family soul: collective consciousness of the entire family [family deva]) wants to help us resolve these energies and dysfunctional patterns.

In a session, you will be helped to address those things that are not healed in the family energy. This may sometimes require restoring the energy balance within the family field - by empowering our ancestors, or supporting of the "weaken" ones with healing.  Or it may involve restoring the in-balance created by overly strong parents or children - which helps them to soften their energy and remove their defence, so that their connection to the ancestral flow of love and life-force is restored.

It may also be necessary to heal our relatives in spirit form, who have not managed to evolve into healthy ancestors; and facilitate appropriate rituals to assist them to reconnect to those that have come before them.

The Profound Impact of Epigenetics and Family Dynamics on Our Wellbeing

Our bodies and minds are not just reflections of our current experiences but are also deeply shaped by the genetic and energetic ancestral legacies we inherit. This intertwining of past and present is the core focus of epigenetics, a field that reveals how our genes are not fixed blueprints but dynamic elements that respond to our life experiences.

This science shows us that the emotional and physical experiences of our ancestors, as well as those from our early life, can modify our genetic expressions in significant ways — sometimes enhancing our health, other times perpetuating patterns of disease.

The Chemistry of Experience

Every experience we have triggers a chemical reaction within our body. This includes the experiences our mothers had while we were in the womb, which can affect foundational aspects of our own health and personality. Our genetic makeup carries these energetic impressions, serving not only as a record of our biological past but also as a canvas for our personal and ancestral stories. This deep-rooted connection highlights why sometimes, to move forward, we must first look back.

Language: The Vibrational Power Shaping Our DNA

Our words and thoughts are more than expressions; they are vibrational forces that interact directly with our DNA. Soviet Research has demonstrated how human language and genetic code follow similar rules. Like a computer, our DNA stores data from the frequencies, thoughts, beliefs, and vibrations to which we are exposed. This understanding opens a transformative pathway to healing — by altering our linguistic expressions, we can shift our genetic narratives, enabling profound healing and self-realisation. Releasing Old Energies, Welcoming New Realisations. Through practices such as Family Constellations, we can address and amend the lingering effects of our familial past.

This process not only helps release the burdens of unresolved family experiences but also facilitates a reordering within our family lines. By resolving these ancestral disruptions, both love and life force can flow more freely through generations, enhancing our sense of wellbeing and connection.

How to Prepare for a Session

Sometimes it is useful before a session to find out the facts about the family, and any information about  and major tragedies, emigrations, illnesses and family secrets.  If you can let go and trust your own inner wisdom, you can gain a lot of insight from a single session. You will always get what you need and are ready to integrate. Meditation and relaxation before your session can assist you to relax deeply and let go during the session. However, a  vested interest in the outcome, can do wonders to spark your family soul's interest in providing answers. Try to remain open minded and let the practitioner know if there are any concerns, doubts and fears that you may have regarding the session. There is nothing to worry about as you are always in control and can stop at any point whenever you choose.

What to Expect

Family Constellations typically takes up to 1.5 - 2 hours and it is prudent to allow up to 3 hours to enable integration.

Take time after a session to integrate your experience.  Allow yourself the time, without needing to return to work or undertake any busy activities afterwards. Do not think about the session afterwards (for up to 3 days) and allow the energies to disperse and re-integrate.