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We have a symbiotic relationship with our environment which means that we affect our surroundings and they have an impact on us.

Often when clients come to a Spirit Weaver for clearing, the actual afflictions that we clear only accounts for a fraction of the remedy for their situation. In these cases environmental factors are significantly impacting the situation and for some, end up being the cause of the initial disturbance.

If the environmental factors remain unaddressed, the difficulties and will perpetuate and the client's suffering will be progressively worsen.

Space Cleanser is a elective 3 month container that is an optional add on to the Spirit Weaver Initiations. Space Cleanser levels up your Spirit Weaver foundational knowledge so you can focus your team on environmental healing to create a positive impact on the spaces around you and your clients.

Why Clear Spaces?

Sha Qi, is sharp Qi energy, and is usually created inside a building. For example, when a sharp wall angle, called poison arrow, is pointing at your bed, there is a constant emission of attacking energy directed at your body. This bad energy can lead to illness and depression for those who are exposed to it for a long amount of time.

The land can be imprinted with human activities, for example where the energy of human massacre, or other overwhelming human tragedies, is still potent. It can also be found inside buildings that have strong geopathic stress. Toxic Qi, resonates with the frequency of the Shadow realms. This energy is also in the landscape.

Clutter, a lack of order, as well as a lot of repressed emotions and other negative energy that has been experienced inside the walls, can be stored in the house, that's why it is so important to have a space clearing session at least once a year.

Our Space Cleanser programme combines traditional Geomancy techniques with modern shamanic practices to create an holistic approach to space clearing. This method goes beyond simple energetic cleansing by delving into the deeper layers of geopathic issues and the elemental forces at play within any given space.

Creating a harmonious living or working environment is essential for overall health and well-being. This course offers a unique blend of geomantic wisdom and Spirit Weaver practices, providing the tools and knowledge and dowsing charts to transform your spaces into sanctuaries of health and peace.

It is ideal for Spirit Weaver practitioners, environmental healers, geomancers, and anyone interested in expanding their understanding of metaphysical environmental health. Whether you are looking to enhance your professional skills or deepen your personal practice, this course offers valuable insights and practical tools to elevate your healing work.


What You Will Learn:

  • Learn to identify and resolve environmental stresses, elemental imbalances, and metaphysical disturbances.
  • Techniques to detect geopathic stress using dowsing and geomantic mapping
  • Learn about our unique lineage-based approach to geomancy
  • Advanced techniques for space clearing and Spirit Weaver entity clearing.
  • Understand how to tailor clearing practices to address specific needs and disturbances in different environments.
  • Learn how to identify geopathic stress points and their effects on health, such as underground water streams or electromagnetic radiation.
  • Learn how to apply geomantic solutions to mitigate geopathic stress, using energy realignment techniques.
  • Explore how elemental imbalances, like too much fire or water energy, can affect a space and its inhabitants.
  • Practice techniques for restoring elemental balance and resolving metaphysical disturbances, such as energy vortexes or ley line disruptions.
  • Practice earth acupuncture remedies.

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