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Welcome to the Path of Power

This transformative program is your gateway to mastering self-awareness, empowerment, and reality creation.

Embark on a journey of evolution, culminating in a profound understanding of your personal power and how to wield it with wisdom and grace.

Expect to emerge with a newfound sense of purpose and the tools to navigate your life's journey with more cohesion, grounding, and clarity.

Your Journey to Energy Mastery and Reality Transformation

Your life has been woven by the threads of your present self-image and the energy you have accessed throughout your journey.

Yet, we actually have access to boundless, limitless potential. Imagine having access to infinite possibilities over the coming weeks, months, and years ahead. Does the prospect of this potential ignite a spark of passion within you, or does it feel just out of reach, slipping through your fingers?

Discover the Path of Power: a transformative 9-month journey designed to unlock your highest potential through Energy Mastery and Reality Programming. If you've ever felt limited by your circumstances or sought to tap into an infinite well of energy and power, this program will help you change.


The Path of Power blends rigorous physical energy stabilisation, emotional well-being, focused energy cultivation, and grounding practices with Personal Energy Mentoring. It's an all-encompassing experience designed to keep you fully embodied as you navigate through various transformative tasks and exercises.

With Joseph as your accountability mentor, you'll receive dedicated support through monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly catch-ups, ensuring you're progressing on track with your growth trajectory.

Benefit from the unique opportunity to observe and learn from the mentoring of fellow participants, and join in on dynamic group Zoom calls. The content is tailor-made to fit both your individual needs and those of the group, ensuring a deeply personal and collaborative learning environment.

Upon enrolment, you'll gain premium access to Power TV, an exclusive portal offering standard and premium content, including live-streamed Qigong Series and Energy Mastery workshops.  With 9 hours of Personal Mentoring available in flexible formats and Group Mentoring Sessions, plus access to all mentoring recordings, your learning will excelerate.