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The Shamanic Communication FOUNDATIONS  series is designed to enhance your ability to connect with your spirit guides and spirit animals, and will teach you how to utilise divination tools such as the pendulum.

You will receive detailed instruction and practical experience, enabling you to acquire a new spirit team, or deepen communication with an existing one, to gain practical and existential answers to real world questions.

Whether you are new to shamanic practices or looking to deepen your existing practice, these transformative workshops, provide valuable tools and experiences to enhance your connection with the Spirit World. Shamanic Communications bridge ancient wisdom with contemporary insights to assist your spiritual and personal development.

Each workshop in this series is crafted to teach you methods of spiritual communication, and also transform these interactions into meaningful relationships and insights that contribute to your personal development. You will leave these workshops with a profound new understanding of how you are showing up in the world, equipped with practical skills that can be applied to enhance your life and spiritual practice.

Experience what it means to work with different spirits: ancestors, devas, the angelic realm, mythical beings, power animals, elemental beings, grids, timelines, energies, akashic records, dimensions and frequencies to assist those that want deeper one to one work.
This is not a copy and paste training but an opportunity for you to develop your own skill set and ritual practices and heal your families, lineage and communities.
When you can surrender to a state of not knowing, and honest acceptance of your own ignorance, this creates a more receptive state for 'spirit' to provide answers at the appropriate times that you need them to take the next step in your journey.  This is a journey of embodiment, humility and gratitude, and will teach you patience, respect, honouring and many more Human skills and mindsets that seem to be missing from our usual educational sources. All are welcome to the early stages of the work, and with continual mentoring, therapy and application, you can apply to partake in the later rituals, and initiations at an appropriate pace.

How do I know if this is right for Me?

You are:

  • Interested in improving  your connection to spirit and your spirit teams.
  • Comfortable with shadow work and working with all different types of energies.
  • Aware of your own traumas, patterns and projections and wish to deepen your self work.
  • Willing to take full responsibility for the spirit doors that will open with this work.
  • Wishing to provide balance to people and help lift the energetic load of humanity.
  • Willing to serve your spirit team, the planet, your community and your family.
  • Grounded and practical, even when working with spirit.
  • More interested in lifting others than striving for your own personal enrichment and gainsInterested in a great return on your investment.

If you resonate with this work please get in touch.  We are happy to chat with interested participants to explain the work in more detail.

Shamanic Communication FOUNDATIONS is the first step before ceremony work can begin. We have crafted a unique journey, to mentor and guide you to becoming a competent and effective Spirit Communicator.
The teachings of this programme are an accumulation of many years of personal experiences and a distillation of wisdom from many masters.

You will establish direct dialogue with your teams, and develop clear and consistent communication channels with these benevolent entities who will guide and protect you on your spiritual journey.

Foundations provides powerful tools for anyone seeking to deepen their connection with the spiritual world and explore the vast, mysterious landscape of their own soul. Through this ancient practice, individuals can uncover hidden truths, heal from past wounds, and receive guidance that is profoundly aligned with their highest good.

It’s crucial to integrate the experience and insights gained into everyday life. This might involve adopting new practices, shifting perspectives, or making life changes based on the guidance received. Integration is a vital step in ensuring that the journey has a lasting and positive impact on the your life.

The benefits are vast and deeply transformative:

  • Healing Emotional Wounds: By confronting and resolving past traumas with the guidance of spiritual allies, you can achieve profound emotional healing.
  • Gaining Wisdom: The teachings received from spirit guides and ancestors enrich the our understanding of spiritual and worldly matters.
  • Enhanced Intuition: Regular communication strengthens one’s intuitive abilities, enhancing decision-making and personal growth.
  • Spiritual Connection: These practices foster a deeper connection with the environment, the universe, and one's higher self, promoting a sense of harmony and balance


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