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The White Dragon Lineage Presents...

Welcome to Ascension Shamanism and thank you for the gift of your focus & attention.

The journey of spiritual awakening and self-empowerment is not just a possibility, it is my sacred mission. We all stand at the threshold of unseen potential and divine connections, dedicated to guiding you through the mysteries of the spirit world.

Our purpose is to help you succeed in both your worldly and spiritual pursuits. We will also support your exploration into metaphysical reality, helping you expand your psychic abilities, create deeper connections with your spirit team, and harness the transformative power of ancient shamanic practices. This is your birthright.

Our services are as diverse as the souls we assist. Through immersive workshops, personal mentoring, intricate ceremonies, spiritual cleansing and emotional healing, we provide an holistic approach to achieving mind, heart, and soul coherence.

Whether your path involves manifesting your desired reality, achieving successful outcomes in your projects and business, or communicating with spirit guides, entity clearing or crafting your own ascension platform, we're here to equip you with the tools, knowledge, and unwavering support needed for your journey.

    Our Services are your Gateways to Transformation:

    Mentoring Programs: Receive personalised guidance through our mentoring programs, designed to support your unique spiritual and professional journey towards success and enlightenment.

    Healing Journeys: Change your day-to-day emotional and energetic state: change what it feels like to be 'YOU' right now. Heal the old patterns and wounds that have influenced your relationships and vibratory frequency. Heal the ancestral and childhood baggage and free yourself from dysfunctional family behavioural patterns.

    Workshops & Ceremonies: Engage in both online and in-person workshops that open doors to mastering the art of personal growth and success, or spiritual communication; and understand the profound nuances of shamanic rituals. Our ceremonies offer a direct connection to your own ancestral and lineage wisdom, fostering healing and growth.

    Ascension Platform Creation: Create your personal ascension platform - a deeply personal spiritual practice that raises your vibrational frequency and aligns you with your highest potential.

    Here's a 1 Hr 49 min chat with Kristin Edwards from The Soul Spiral Podcast:

    Meet our Founder.

    Lineage Keeper, Shamanic Magician, Vortex Wizard, and Energy Master:

    Joseph creates global learning containers to teach participants practical energy and life skills that help build a foundation of vitality and power and wisdom. He is direct, honest and regards integrity and other virtues as a demonstration of good character and wholesomeness.

    Joseph will help you see through the popular programming and help you focus on what’s important to your growth and advancement as an Spiritual Aspirant. His containers facilitate a Heart, Mind and Soul coherence as he assists his clients to show up as the best and most authentic versions of themselves.

    Joseph co-founded The White Dragon Lineage: a hugely authentic and successful shamanic mystery school & community, who all share the same values and ethics.  We offer shamanic workshops and experiences, Qi Gong classes, ceremonial experiences and experiential retreats to help participants safely awaken their intuition and psychic abilities.

    As the lineage has grown we are now able to sustain multiple schools and businesses and this new enterprise called Ascension Shamanism is headed by Joseph Callender to help participants access their divine spark to facilitate personal growth and progress along their spiritual paths.

    Joseph has trained in a number of therapeutic, coaching, healing, ritualistic and energetic disciplines, collecting over 35 years of wisdom and experience. He is certified in: Family Constellations, Health Constellations, Business Constellations, Clinical Hypnotherapy, MindEnergetix, (now called Heart Energetix), Hypnoenergetics, Past Life Regression, and Quantum Consciousness Experience Facilitation. He has also trained in Ericksonian based Psychotherapy, Advanced Soul Plan Reading and Core and Celtic Shamanism.

    He is also a Qigong instructor, workshop facilitator and ritualistic performer, as well as a Vortex Wizard and reality programmer.

    Born and raised in Great Britain, Joseph has a varied lineage of French-Native American, St Lucian, Barbadian, Trinidadian, Montserratian.

    My awareness of the human condition equips me to hold an empowering attitude and a loving healing space. I realise that we all have access to an infinite source of capability and healing and can find our own answers if facilitated in a manner that lets us discover our true Self.

    This website caters for those who need to have lots of information (watch the videos) to be able to choose, and those who go by instinct and feeling."

    Social Media Posts

    Ongoing Mentorship with The High Chief of the White Serpent Lineage from 2015 to 2023.

    Vortex Healing® Clearing the Kundalini Channel, December 2023

    Advanced Constellations for Couples, Family Constellations PTY LTD November 2023

    Advanced Constellations for Health, Family Constellations PTY LTD October 2023

    Advanced Constellations for Business, Family Constellations PTY LTD September 2023

    Soul Transformation Therapy, Holistic Healing College, June 2021

    Vortex Healing® Divine Energy Healing, March 2021 - November 2021

    Family Constellations Advanced, Family Constellations PTY LTD November 2019

    Ancestral Healing Intensive, Ancestral Medicine Organisation, Daniel Foor; April 2019

    Family Constellations Foundation, Family Constellations PTY LTD November 2018

    Advanced Diploma of MindEnergetix, MindEnergetix Institute Australia July 2018

    Geomancy Practitioner Course, All About Earth, taught by Richard Creightmore & Jewels Rocka, Geomancy Australia Feb 2018

    3-Year Program of Advanced Initiations in Shamanism & Shamanic Healing in Shamanic Studies, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA Completed Oct 2017

    The Quantum Consciousness Experience Facilitator Training, Institute of Quantum Consciousness, May-2016 Australia

    Hypnoenergetics for Past Life, Institute of Hypnoenergetics, Mar-2016 Australia

    Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy / Practitioner of Hypnoenergetics, Institute of Hypnoenergetics, Oct-2015  Australia

    Shamanic Extraction Healing Training, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Oct 2014, Feb 2015 Bali

    Shamanism, Dying, and Beyond - Psychopomp, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Oct 2014, Feb 2015 Bali

    Power Soul Retrieval, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Oct 2014, Feb 2015  Bali

    Shamanic Dreamwork, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Oct-2014 Bali

    Shamanic Divination Training, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Oct-2014  Bali

    Shamanism & the Spirits of Nature, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Oct-2014 Bali

    Advanced Shamanic Divination , The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Feb-2015  Bali

    Shamanic Training in Creativity, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies ASIA, Feb-2015  Bali

    Certificate of Hypnosis, Institute of Hypnoenergetics, Nov-2014 Australia

    Advanced Soul Plan Reading, Holistic Healing College, Nov-2014 UK

    Soul Plan Reading, Holistic Healing College, Sep-2014 UK

    Plant Dieta and Shamanic Healing Techniques, Amazon Jungle Peru, 2013

    Reiki 1 & 2, Practitioner Training in the Usui Method of Natural Healing, Feb 2012

    Qi Gong, Korean system, Brain Respiration Centre, 2003 – 2010 UK

    Practical Philosophy Student, School of Economic Science, UK for 21 years – from 1990 until 2012

    Master Practitioner Training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, BeeLeaf institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Jun-2007 UK

    The Intermediate Certificate in Contemporary Psychotherapy, BeeLeaf institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Jun-2007

    Wider Mind: Principles and Practices of Ericksonian Hypno-Pschotherapy, BeeLeaf institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Oct-2006

    Foundation Skills of Contemporary Psychotherapy, BeeLeaf institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Mar-2006

    Practitioner Training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, BeeLeaf institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Mar-2006

    Bachelor of Science (hons): Industrial & Business Systems, De Montfort University, Jun-1991 UK


    Shamanic Dragon PTY LTD  ABN: 75 361 897 135