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Understanding Your Soul's Plan

Soul Plan is based on the principle that our Souls intricately plan their incarnation and all the major life events and challenges to maximise their evolution and elevate their learning from their experiences during that life.

Individuals choose specific life challenges, such as physical illnesses, loss of loved ones, and other significant hardships, before birth. This choice is made with the intention of spiritual evolution, offering opportunities to develop virtues like resilience, compassion, and forgiveness.

Souls also make agreements with others to assist all parties in achieving these life lessons. This includes relationships that may appear challenging or even adversarial on the physical plane but are deeply rooted in mutual spiritual support and growth.

Understanding your soul's plan can transform your perceptions of suffering and hardship. By recognising (with out spiritually by-passing) that challenges are pre-chosen for spiritual growth, we can replace feelings of victimisation with empowerment, acceptance, and peace.

Before our first breath ignites the flame of our existence, our Soul whispers its purpose into the void of creation, setting forth the path it must walk and causing the echoes of that sound to ripple back towards us to create our experiences.

A Soul Plan is a spiritual contract formed by your soul alongside spirit team and soul family guidance before your incarnation. It outlines significant life situations, relationships, spiritual milestones, and lessons that are intended to influence your growth and evolution. A soul plan session explores these blueprints through the lens of ancient mysticism and the detailed vibrational analysis of your birth certificate (or changed name), as influenced by the theories of the Sefer Yetzirah and the work of Dr. Frank Alper and Blue Marsden.

Your session combines deep spiritual coaching with vibrational energy assessments to interpret the energies your soul chose to experience and master in this lifetime. Using a method inspired by Dr. Frank Alper's 'Spiritual Numerology of Moses', we decode the vibrational essence of your name to reveal your personal 'Star of Creation' a unique energetic signature that aligns with your soul's intentions.

During your session, We explore the mystical implications of the 22 Hebrew letters as channels of cosmic energy that influence your life, providing a structured framework to understand your personal and spiritual challenges.

Benefits of Understanding Your Soul Plan

Deeper Self-Knowledge: Gain profound insights into why certain themes and challenges recur in your life and how they serve your spiritual growth.

Empowered Life Navigation: With an understanding of your soul's blueprint, you are able to approach life's challenges with greater ease and purpose, transforming potential hardships into opportunities for growth and learning.

Alignment with Spiritual Purpose: Clarify your life’s purpose and align your daily actions and decisions with your soul’s deeper goals.

Whether you are seeking validation of your intuitions, feeling stuck, or simply curious about the spiritual dimensions of your existence, a Soul Plan reading provides clarity and comfort, opening doors to personal transformation and a living experience that is more aligned with your high self.

Discover the intricate design of your soul's journey on Earth and embrace the challenges and gifts it brings. It's not just a reading. It's also a life mentoring session that paves the way for deeper understanding and spiritual fulfilment. Sign up to explore the blueprint of your life as intended by your soul.

Why Engage in a Soul Plan Reading?

A Soul Plan session is an immersive experience, typically lasting up to three hours. It includes:

In-Depth Life and Spiritual Coaching: Our sessions go beyond traditional readings, offering profound insights into the fundamentals of your existence and how your energy impacts the world.

Soul Energy Realignment Healing: Each session in conducted in a lineage wheel to ensure a soul realignment with your original soul blueprint, helping to clear redundant patterns and activate your unique abilities.

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