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Spirit Allies provides a unique opportunity to bridge the spiritual and mundane aspects of your life. Participate with the Wheel of Transformation to assess how you are showing up in your current life dynamic.

You will gain practical guidance on living in harmony with your highest good, facilitated by the connections you develop with your spirit allies. Experience guided journeys to communicate with your spirit allies and to gain insights relevant to your life’s challenges and opportunities. Insights gained from these journeys will inform practical steps you can take to realign your actions and choices with your highest potential.

Spirit Allies provide guidance, protection, and support. They can be ancestors, spirit guides, or can be from many other realms. In our programme, you will learn to connect and communicate with these allies, and receive wisdom and insight that is crucial for your growth and transformation.

What you will Learn

  • How to determine if you are interacting with benevolent Spirits.
  • Spirit Ally theories across various systems.
  • Perceptual Maps for Best Practice.
  • Experience the Wheel of Transformation.
  • Ancestral Soul Lineage.
  • Sovereignty Principles.
  • Safe & Grounded Spirit Communication.
  • How to connect with Mythical Creatures.
  • How to assemble a compatible Spirit Team.
  • How to activate a deeper, ongoing connection with Spirit.
  • What to do when you encounter a Spirit.
  • Establishing your own healing space.
  • Best Practice when working with Angels, Deities and Devas.
  • Spiritual Cleanliness Principles.
  • Managing Astral Portals.

Ever wondered if it were possible to discover what is really going on with your life?

Imagine if it were possible to gain a perspective that enabled you to truly see what is really going on with your life?

We experience everything in creation through relationship. All our interactions in the world are governed by our relationships with people, places, and things. Navigating our way successfully through our lives, requires us to understand the true nature of these relationships.

This workshop provides an opportunity to view your life through the lens of compassionate wise beings who love you unconditionally and who have your best interests at heart. This life changing experience, offers an opportunity for a comprehensive life review and real transformation.

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Spirit Communication is a prerequisite for Spirit Allies.

To reserve your place on this workshop you will need to fill out this form and pay a non refundable $100 deposit.  The full price is $660. Enrol as part of FOUNDATIONS to receive greater value than individual workshop participation...

It is possible to take a Self-paced ONLINE recording of Spirit Communication - Here - if you miss a scheduled event - note Spirit Communication is a 6 hour training, and is essential so that you get some journey practice.