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Health Constellations are specialised Family Constellation sessions tailored to address health-related issues within the context of your family Lineage. This type of session explores how family dynamics, unresolved ancestral traumas and intergenerational patterns, impact our physical and emotional health.

With Health Constellations, the focus is on identifying and resolving systemic entanglements and hidden dynamics that may contribute to chronic illnesses, emotional disturbances, or unresolved physical symptoms. Our health and emotional wellbeing is significantly influenced by our ancestor's experiences and the emotional legacies carried forward in our family line.

If you have learned the lesson or achieved the intended outcome, you may be ready to release the energy holding the dis-ease in you.

Let's see if, together, we can provide some comfort or understanding in the meantime ...

At a soul level, in our pre-birth planning process, it is possible to choose the right lineage that will help us achieve our long-term goals.  To the untrained mind, these goals feel like afflictions. If we want to learn courage, we will choose situations where we are forced to use courage: we will be constantly experiencing fear or a loss of power. If we choose a life that will teach us how to receive, the human level response may be to become so helpless (being ill or becoming paraplegic, for example) that we are forced to rely on others for everything.  Understanding the soul's plan for a situation does not necessarily provide relief of that situation. So as humans we still require compassions and understand and assistance.

Health Constellations can show you that your present affliction may be an unhealed ancestral situation in one of your parents' lineages. Resolving, reframing or healing those past interactions and experiences, may be enough to restore the order within the family system, and that in tern may remove the energetic overlay, enough to provide some relief.  In a few instances, it might be enough to remove the energy that is perpetuating the affliction, but in practice this has been found to be extremely rare.

Health constellations can help clients make progress along their healing journey and can alleviate one ingredient that is keeping the status quo with an affliction.  On the other hand, understanding that your blood pressure issue directs you to look at, and alleviate, the anger from the injustices caused to your ancestors, might be enough to help you honour the soul agreement, we have all made to our lineage in payment for their DNA that gave us this body and this earth experience.

Some souls select suffering to balance a previous situation, others to learn from and others to help those around them.  If your illness was not set up to be healed, then no therapy, from any modality, will make it go away. Healing is a personal journey for everyone and we are here to provide a wider insight, modest relief or complete understanding should that be a possible and necessary step on your healing journey.

Is it possible for you to find more peace with your destiny?

It is our job to heal ourselves and lead a conscious life. We start by accepting ourselves and our life. If we can, indeed, love ourselves, we will feel worthy - maybe not perfect - but worthy.  If we cannot accept ourselves first, we will not be able to accept others; we will judge them (as we see others as reflections of ourselves).

We need to come to a point in our lives where we can receive the love that is available to us from our lineage - in fullness; regardless of how our life came to us, and whatever the situation and circumstance of our birth. We can do this at any stage of our life. It may help to connect to the nourishing idea that we have received life, and it is a GIFT, no matter the circumstances that created our birth.

Let go of the toxic pain and dysfunction, so you can take your life and the available love in full. If you are not able to do this, you may remain entangled or connected to the pain and toxicity, and risk having to perpetuate the dysfunction.

We all have an unconscious loyalty to ancestral and family patterns, and our family field (or family soul: collective consciousness of the entire family [family deva]) wants to help us resolve these energies and dysfunctional patterns.

In a session, you will be helped to address those things that are not healed in the family energy. This may sometimes require restoring the energy balance within the family field - by empowering our ancestors, or supporting of the "weaken" ones with healing.  Or it may involve restoring the in-balance created by overly strong parents or children - which helps them to soften their energy and remove their defence, so that their connection to the ancestral flow of love and life-force is restored.

It may also be necessary to heal our relatives in spirit form, who have not managed to evolve into healthy ancestors; and facilitate appropriate rituals to assist them to reconnect to those that have come before them.

Allow the energy of the Family Soul to take the session where it needs to go...

Allow the energy of the Family Soul to take the session where it needs to go...

The Profound Impact of Epigenetics and Family Dynamics on Our Wellbeing

Our bodies and minds are not just reflections of our current experiences but are also deeply shaped by the genetic and energetic ancestral legacies we inherit. This intertwining of past and present is the core focus of epigenetics, a field that reveals how our genes are not fixed blueprints but dynamic elements that respond to our life experiences.

This science shows us that the emotional and physical experiences of our ancestors, as well as those from our early life, can modify our genetic expressions in significant ways — sometimes enhancing our health, other times perpetuating patterns of disease.

The Chemistry of Experience

Every experience we have triggers a chemical reaction within our body. This includes the experiences our mothers had while we were in the womb, which can affect foundational aspects of our own health and personality. Our genetic makeup carries these energetic impressions, serving not only as a record of our biological past but also as a canvas for our personal and ancestral stories. This deep-rooted connection highlights why sometimes, to move forward, we must first look back.

Language: The Vibrational Power Shaping Our DNA

Our words and thoughts are more than expressions; they are vibrational forces that interact directly with our DNA. Soviet Research has demonstrated how human language and genetic code follow similar rules. Like a computer, our DNA stores data from the frequencies, thoughts, beliefs, and vibrations to which we are exposed. This understanding opens a transformative pathway to healing — by altering our linguistic expressions, we can shift our genetic narratives, enabling profound healing and self-realisation. Releasing Old Energies, Welcoming New Realisations. Through practices such as Family Constellations, we can address and amend the lingering effects of our familial past.

This process not only helps release the burdens of unresolved family experiences but also facilitates a reordering within our family lines. By resolving these ancestral disruptions, both love and life force can flow more freely through generations, enhancing our sense of wellbeing and connection.

How to Prepare for a Session

Sometimes it is useful before a session to find out the facts about the family, and any information about  and major tragedies, emigrations, illnesses and family secrets.  If you can let go and trust your own inner wisdom, you can gain a lot of insight from a single session. You will always get what you need and are ready to integrate. Meditation and relaxation before your session can assist you to relax deeply and let go during the session. However, a  vested interest in the outcome, can do wonders to spark your family soul's interest in providing answers. Try to remain open minded and let the practitioner know if there are any concerns, doubts and fears that you may have regarding the session. There is nothing to worry about as you are always in control and can stop at any point whenever you choose.

What to Expect

Family Constellations typically takes up to 1.5 - 2 hours and it is prudent to allow up to 3 hours to enable integration.

Take time after a session to integrate your experience.  Allow yourself the time, without needing to return to work or undertake any busy activities afterwards. Do not think about the session afterwards (for up to 3 days) and allow the energies to disperse and re-integrate.