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Ancestral Healing

Shamanic Practice

Exploring the Ethereal Realms for Personal and Professional Growth

Joseph Callender, July 8 2024

The spirit world is an infinite, interconnected web of energies, beings, and realms that exist beyond our normal perception of reality. It’s a space where guides, ancestral spirits, and other ethereal entities reside, each playing a unique role. Engaging with the spirit world can offer insights, guidance, and healing that transcend ordinary...

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Ancestral Healing

Transforming the Energetics of business to improve revenue & customer experience

Joseph Callender, June 22 2024

By weaving insights from systemic coaching, epigenetics, and family dynamics, this article provides a comprehensive exploration of how business constellations can transform historical energies, enhancing organisational health and performance.  We explore the application of business constellations to transform negative, catastrophic, or...

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Shamanic Practice

Ancestral Healing Ceremonies for Transformation

Joseph Callender, June 21 2024

Healing Lineage Trauma Emotional and energetic afflictions that perpetuate for more than 7 generations become DNA pathology that creates a Lineage predisposition to trauma, manifesting as unresolved emotional and psychological wounds passed down through generations.  Ancestral healing rituals offer a framework for addressing and transforming...

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