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Joseph Callender, June 22 2024

Transforming the Energetics of business to improve revenue & customer experience

By weaving insights from systemic coaching, epigenetics, and family dynamics, this article provides a comprehensive exploration of how business constellations can transform historical energies, enhancing organisational health and performance.  We explore the application of business constellations to transform negative, catastrophic, or unfortunate historical situations that have left lasting impacts on individuals, organisations, and their ancestral lineages.

Drawing on insights from Klaus P. Horn and Reine Brick's Invisible Dynamics and John Whittington’s work on systemic coaching and constellations,  let us discuss how unresolved historical energies continue to affect business elements such as sales, marketing, finance, and overall organisational health. We will look at the systemic approach to addressing these issues, to unveil our unconscious patterns and loyalties that influence our present behaviours and decisions.


The lingering impacts of historical traumas on individuals and organisations are potentially deeply profound and hidden from our normal conscious awareness. Events from the past can imprint energetic and emotional residues that influence present-day behaviours and decisions, often unconsciously. This phenomenon is explored extensively in the fields of systemic coaching and constellations, notably in the works of Klaus P. Horn and Reine Brick (Invisible Dynamics) and John Whittington (Systemic Coaching and Constellations). We will discuss how business constellations, which is a specialised aspect of family constellations, can transform this historical baggage, to enable us to improve organisational health and performance.

Systemic Perspective and Business Constellations

Business constellations theory views an organisation as an interconnected system, much like a family, where each part affects the whole. This systemic perspective allows us to identify and address hidden dynamics that impede business effectiveness. By visualising the elements of a business as a 'living map,' participants can represent various aspects of the organisation to uncover blockages and imbalances (Horn & Brick, 2015). This method provides deep insights into the organisational structure, and will therefore reveal those areas which may need realignment, or indeed, resolution (since they may still be energetically persisting).

Transforming Historical Energies

Impact of Historical Traumas

Historical traumas, whether personal, familial, or societal, leave energetic imprints that can influence individuals and organisations across generations. These traumas manifest as unconscious patterns and loyalties, affecting behaviours and decisions (Whittington, 2012). For instance, a company founded by an individual who experienced financial ruin might carry an unconscious fear of risk, impacting its strategic decisions. If you experienced being betrayed or dishonoured by your suppliers in a previous company, that situation would have produced an internal energetic response that predisposes you to show up as sceptical of elements in the supply chain, thus creating self fulfilling prophecies of impending betrayal.

Epigenetics and Family Dynamics

Studies of epigenetics reveals that our genes are not static but respond to environmental influences, including emotional and physical experiences. This implies that the traumas experienced by our ancestors can affect our genetic expressions, influencing our health and behaviors (Whittington, 2012). Understanding this connection is vital for addressing the deep-rooted issues within an organisation.

Application of Business Constellations

Revealing and Healing Energies

Business constellations provide a structured method to reveal and heal the lingering energies of past situations and traumas. By representing various elements of a business in a workshop setting, hidden dynamics and entanglements become visible, allowing for direct intervention and healing (Horn & Brick, 2015). This process often involves restoring balance within the organisational system, empowering leaders and teams to address underlying issues.

Practical Examples

Several case studies illustrate the effectiveness of business constellations. For example, a multinational company struggling with declining sales discovered through a constellation session that unresolved grief from a founder’s death was impacting the organisational culture. By addressing this grief, the company experienced improved morale and performance.

Unconscious Patterns and Loyalties

Identifying Unconscious Influences

Unconscious patterns and loyalties often stem from unresolved familial and historical issues. These influences can manifest as repeated organisational problems, such as high employee turnover or persistent financial difficulties (Whittington, 2012). Business constellations help identify these patterns, bringing them to light for resolution.

Transforming Energetic Imprints

Once identified, these energetic imprints can be transformed through various constellation techniques. This transformation often involves rituals or symbolic actions that release the old energy and invite new, positive influences. This process not only heals the past but also liberates the organisation from its unconscious constraints, enabling it to thrive.

Improving Organisational Health

Like the family field in Family constellations, which connects all members of the lineage, an holistic view of the organisation reveals that all parts of the business are actually interconnected, and each part can affect the whole. This perspective is essential for achieving a balanced and effective operational mode (Horn & Brick, 2015). By addressing the energetic and metaphysical aspects of the organisation, business constellations foster a healthier and more balanced environment.

Improving Team Dynamics and Decision-Making

The insights gained from business constellations enhance decision-making and improve team dynamics. Resolving these hidden issues, enables organisations to create a more collaborative and positive workplace culture, leading to better conflict resolution and increased overall performance (Whittington, 2012).

Addressing our Relationship with Money

Energetic and Metaphysical Aspects

An individual’s relationship with money is deeply intertwined with their sense of self-worth and power. Business constellations can address these aspects by exploring the energetic and metaphysical components of this relationship. For instance, a 'Cappuccino Constellation' might focus solely on resolving issues related to money, helping individuals and organisations operate from a place of sovereignty and optimal performance.

Unlocking Success

Unconscious loyalties to ancestral patterns can hinder success. By uncovering and resolving these loyalties, business constellations enable individuals and organisations to break free from dysfunctional habits, allowing them to achieve their full potential (Horn & Brick, 2015).

Practical Implementation

Conducting Business Constellation Workshops

Business constellations requires specialised training and expertise. Facilitators guide participants through the process of representing various organisational elements, revealing hidden dynamics, and facilitating healing. These workshops can be conducted in group settings or one-on-one sessions, depending on the needs of the organisation or Entrepreneur.

Benefits and Outcomes

Business constellations confers many befits to Entrepreneurs and employees or larger companies. Participants gain real-time insights and feedback, applicable to their company or organisational roles. These include:

Systemic Perspective: Business Constellations look at the whole organisational system and takes into consideration all its parts and the interactions between them. This helps to identify and address issues that may not be immediately apparent but will significantly impact the business’s health and performance.Addressing Complex Problems: It's particularly useful for analysing complex problems within a business, providing deep insights that can lead to sustainable solutions. By exploring these complexities, businesses can free up energy and resources, enabling more effective decision-making and problem-solving.Intuitive Management Method: Business Constellations can target repetitive problems and systemic issues within an organisation. This could involve anything from interpersonal dynamics to strategic planning challenges.Enhancing Organisational Health: By bringing to light unconscious patterns and loyalties from the past that influence present behaviours and decisions, we can help create a healthier, more balanced organisational environment. This often leads to improved collaboration, better conflict resolution, and a more positive workplace culture.Holistic and Interdependent View: This method is grounded and energy focussed. it takes an holistic view of the world, acknowledging that all parts of a system are interconnected and each part can affect the whole. This perspective is crucial for organisations aiming to achieve a balanced and effective operational mode.Addresses your relationship with Money: Your ability to wield power and influence, suffers from the same impediment that restricts your ability to command the energy of money. Working with money, has an holistic component, where we have to sit comfortably with our own sovereignty, sense of worth, and power to 'command' and influence how we work with this 'entity'. We address the energetic and metaphysical aspects of this relationship to ensure you are operating in your most optimal position. We can address this in a targeted mini 'Cappuccino Constellation' - which can resolve solely our relationship with money.Unlocks your ability to achieve success: We have an unconscious loyalty to the habits,  patterns and energy of our ancestors. We will unknowingly perpetuate bad habits and dysfunction until we discover they exist and resolve the energy of the issues keeping the suboptimal traits in place. 'Success Constellations' will free up the dysfunction to enable you to fire on all cylinders.

Business constellations offer a powerful and holistic approach to transforming the lingering energies of historical traumas within organisations. By revealing and healing hidden dynamics, this method enhances decision-making, improves team dynamics, and increases overall business performance. Drawing on insights from Horn, Brick, and Whittington, I hope to have made the case for the profound impact that addressing unconscious patterns and loyalties can have on your business, to ultimately transform the energetics of Business to produce a more healthier and more successful organisational environment.

You can find more information about this transformational experience and book a session on the Business Constellation Page


Written by

Joseph Callender

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