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Joseph Callender, June 21 2024

Ancestral Healing Ceremonies for Transformation

Ancestral healing ceremonies are potent rituals designed to facilitate personal, family and lineage healing that restores our family to its full glory. Let’s look at the benefits of participating in ancestral healing ceremonies, the critical importance of shamanic training, and the impact that participation bestows upon the entire family.

Reasons to Participate in an Ancestral Healing Cacao Ceremony

Healing Lineage Trauma

Emotional and energetic afflictions that perpetuate for more than 7 generations become DNA pathology that creates a Lineage predisposition to trauma, manifesting as unresolved emotional and psychological wounds passed down through generations.  Ancestral healing rituals offer a framework for addressing and transforming these inherited traumas into sources of strength and resilience​.

This concept is further supported by research in epigenetics, which indicates that trauma can indeed be transmitted across generations at a genetic level​. The work of Dr. Rachel Yehuda at Mount Sinai Hospital demonstrates how trauma experienced by one generation can alter the genetic expression of subsequent generations, and she emphasises the importance of healing these deep-rooted wounds.

Reclaiming Positive Family Legacies

Ancestral healing rituals can also assist us to reclaim and integrate the positive aspects of our heritage. According to Tis Mal Crow, author of "The Secret Wisdom of the Earth," connecting with healed benevolent ancestors allows individuals to draw on the strengths, wisdom, and blessings inherent in their lineage​ . This reclamation process can enhance our own sense of self, feelings of belonging and well-being.

Strengthening Family Bonds

Ancestral healing ceremonies provide a sacred space for family members to come together, share stories, and honor their shared heritage. This practice fosters a deeper sense of connection and belonging, essential for cultivating harmonious family relationships . Dr. Malidoma Patrice Somé emphasises that these rituals enable families to reconnect and heal collective wounds, creating a more supportive and cohesive family unit .

Enhancing Personal Growth and Self-Understanding

Dr. Malidoma Patrice Somé, who is also a Dagara elder, has emphasised that participating in ancestral healing rituals can lead to profound personal growth. By exploring our familial roots and ancestral influences, we gain a better understanding of ourselves, the patterns and causes of our behaviours, and they can provide an understanding of certain life patterns. This self-awareness is crucial for personal development and psychological well-being .

The Importance of Shamanic Training

Ensuring Safe and Effective Practice

Shamanic training for the safe and effective conduct of the ancestral healing ceremonies. According to Sandra Ingerman, a renowned shamanic practitioner and author, training equips practitioners with the necessary skills to navigate the spiritual realms and engage with ancestral spirits, ensuring the rituals are conducted safely .

Ethical and Cultural Sensitivity

Proper training emphasises the importance of ethical practices and cultural sensitivity. This is crucial in ensuring that the rituals honour the traditions and spirits involved. Dr. Foor's teachings on ancestral healing stress the significance of ethical integrity and cultural respect in all spiritual practices, and this is a key principle of this organisation.

Deepening Spiritual Connection

Shamanic training deepens our spiritual connection, enhancing our ability to communicate with our ancestors and spirit teams to receive guidance. This connection is vital for the effectiveness of the healing rituals, as highlighted by Alberto Villoldo, a medical anthropologist and shamanic teacher. We feel that it is irresponsible to guide a participant to do this work without first providing appropriate initiation and shamanic containment.

Benefits of Ancestral Healing for the Family Lineage

Transforming Negative Patterns into Blessings

Ancestral healing can transform inherited negative patterns, such as addiction, abuse, or mental health issues, into sources of strength and resilience. According to Dr. Foor, by addressing and healing these patterns, families can break free from cycles of trauma and pain .

Promoting Emotional and Psychological Well-being

These ceremonies promote emotional and psychological well-being by providing a space for grieving, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Malidoma Somé’s work emphasises that these processes are essential for achieving profound healing and peace for individuals and families .

Enhancing Family Cohesion and Harmony

Ancestral healing fosters a sense of unity and cohesion within the family. It helps us feel like we belong to our family. By honouring and integrating the wisdom and blessings of the ancestors, families can cultivate a more harmonious and supportive environment. This is a core teaching in the works of John Perkins, a shamanic practitioner and author .

Cultural and Spiritual Enrichment

Engaging in ancestral healing enriches one’s cultural and spiritual life. It reconnects individuals with their heritage, traditions, and spiritual practices, fostering a deeper sense of identity and belonging. The importance of cultural and spiritual enrichment is also highlighted in the teachings of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies .

Long-term Positive Impacts

The benefits of ancestral healing extend beyond the immediate family to future generations. By addressing and healing ancestral wounds, individuals can ensure that positive patterns and blessings are passed down, creating a legacy of health, strength, and resilience. This long-term impact is emphasised in the writings of Jeremy Narby, an anthropologist and author focusing on shamanism and indigenous knowledge .

The Profound Impact of Epigenetics and Family Dynamics on Our Well-being

Our bodies and minds are not just reflections of our current experiences but are also deeply shaped by the genetic and energetic ancestral legacies we inherit. The intertwining of past and present is the core focus of epigenetics, a field revealing how our genes are dynamic elements responding to our life experiences. Dr. Bruce Lipton, argues that our beliefs and perceptions significantly influence our genetic expression, which underscores the importance of addressing ancestral influences .

The Chemistry of Experience

Every experience we have triggers a chemical reaction within our body. This includes the experiences our mothers had while we were in the womb, affecting foundational aspects of our own health and personality. Our genetic makeup carries these energetic impressions, serving as both a record of our biological past and a canvas for our personal and ancestral stories. This is why sometimes, to move forward, we must first look back .

Language: The Vibrational Energy Shaping Our DNA

Our words and thoughts are more than expressions; they are vibrational forces interacting directly with our DNA. Soviet research has demonstrated how human language and genetic code follow similar rules. Like a computer, our DNA stores data from the frequencies, thoughts, beliefs, and vibrations to which we are exposed. This understanding opens a transformative pathway to healing — by altering our linguistic expressions, we can shift our genetic narratives, enabling profound healing and self-realisation .

Lingering Ancestral Spirits

Some souls pass with unfinished business and unresolved issues. Others, whose lives were extremely heavy, still carry the pain of their existence after death. In both situations, the ancestor may linger and attach to the family, rather like an entity, instead of an expansive contributing force to the lineage. These souls are in pain and can influence the lives of their family in dramatic ways .

We may also take on this energy ourselves from an unconscious sense of loyalty or be plagued by the heavy burden of emotional baggage. If one of your ancestors suffered from extreme poverty, they may still be in your field, and that poverty energy may literally surround you all the time. They will plague you until they are released and healed. 

The ancestral healing experience is a gift to your lineage and will fundamentally alter the manner in which your energy shows up in your co-creations .

Our family members are permanently connected. The energies of both the living and the dead make up the family field, also known as "The Family Soul." In many families, there can be as many as 20 plus generations of sick, dead relatives. These dead, sick beings influence our lives, lower our vibrations, and contribute to the number of things in our energy that can be triggered by others .

By participating in these rituals and ensuring proper shamanic training, individuals can promote healing, harmony, and well-being within their family lineage. The obvious benefits of these ceremonies underscore their importance in fostering deeper connections to our ancestors and enriching our lives. By integrating the wisdom and practices of ancestral healing into our lives, we can create a more balanced, harmonious, and enriched existence for ourselves and our descendants.

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Written by

Joseph Callender

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