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Joseph Callender, June 24 2024

How to use a Soul Plan

Integrating, a Soul Plan session can become quite overwhelming for some, which is why Soul Plan coaching is a great idea if you are at a loss to wondering how to move forward. For those that just need a nudge, here are a few thoughts:

"How does a Soul Plan help me understand my Life’s Journey?"

A Soul Plan helps you address the following questions:

You may have observed that many people have no clue about who they are or their abilities. The Soul Plan, for these people, let’s them discover (or be reminded of ) manifest and latent talents. These skills and abilities are universal, and will apply to a wide range of situations and scenarios, and not just the obvious ones ... If you discover a new trait that is indicated by a particular energy that you hold in your plan, then you should try to understand whether you have encountered or experienced that particular trait in your day to day situations; or, indeed, what that trait might look like if you were using it. If this is not obvious then try to discover whether anyone else you know displays this particular capability and then determine whether you can easily emulate or “model” that particular behaviour.

In some cases, a skill or a particular trait, that you discover you have, may not resonate much so you can pick them up, or work on them, if and when they become relevant to you at a later stage.

As you get to know your talents and skills, you become consciously familiar with how you do “YOU” in particular situations. This is mostly unconscious competences for many people (i.e., they are unaware of how they do what they do - or what makes them, “THEM”). When you understand how you do YOU, then that gives you the confidence to engage with the world from that “tool set” or “skill set”. So if you wonder how to use Soul Plan to choose a career or get a job, you would start from: “How can I employ these skills, etc., in my day to day life?” Employing yourself, is a different mindset to getting a job...

If a trait falls into one of your “challenge” energies then you may have to remove some emotional, and or belief based, or otherwise, blocks that limit your ability to access or fully manifest the energy of an ability or behaviour. So challenges are a key indicator of your life’s perfection journey. YOU are on a path to becoming less afraid of being yourself. When you are ready to address this you will seek ways to remove the obstacles: emotional, ancestral or childhood issues, that make this harder for you to do today. You will have always sought to address these issues, and now the Soul Plan gives you useful language to conceive and address this issue.

“How will Soul Plan assist me in making career and life choices?”

One approach might be to make choices that enable you to learn, develop, use, or grow a particular skill set or capability. I.e., if you want to be more of a networker (that’s a 7-7 Skill) and you are not then a choice that forces you to develop that skill or a choice that enables you to learn how to network, etc., might work. The principle is then to make choices that give you the experiences you would like. If you cannot decide what experiences you wish to have, then you probably are overloaded with “stuff” - so shift that first then see what version of YOU remains.

This is the biggest issue I see today, since we are all enslaved to the corporate system and need to pay bills and rent; most of us have not exercised choice and free will, outside of this limited scope. With courage and imagination, we can free ourselves from the shackles of “RENT” … What would you do if money was not an issue - becomes - who do you want to become and what experiences do you want to have?

When the goal to develop your character drives you, then you make decisions based on "what helps you be more of that?” At that point we start to remember the feeling of being more ourselves and we make decisions that help us feel that way. Make decisions that help you feel more you - then you are tracking your Soul Plan. The energies in the Soul Plan document you receive in the session, are a mirror to help you remember what it feels like to be YOU ...

If you are reading this and have yet to do a soul plan, here is a 20 minute introduction covering some important soul plan principles.  This was made a long time ago, but still covers the salient points.  It's purpose was originally to prepare a client for a soul plan session so that they could show up knowing what to expect:

If you have had a Soul Plan, let me know if the above helped.  Also, if you would like one then please reach out when you are ready to be more YOU: SOUL PLAN

Written by

Joseph Callender

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