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Joseph Callender, June 25 2024

Shamanic Business Clearing

We call the collective consciousness of a business: the Business Deva.  This entity holds the energy for all your interactions and the exchanges you have with the wider community. It represents the sum total of every action in your business and holds your business persona and business identity. It holds the identity of your business and is subject to the energy incursions that afflict people. 

Understanding Shamanic Business Clearing

Shamanic business clearing involves the use of shamanic techniques to remove negative energies, entities, and attachments from your business deva and any and all elements of your business. This service not only restores the deva back to a state of balance, it will, if necessary address the cleansing of the physical space and all the property, plus the metaphysical and spiritual domain of the business, to restore a harmonious and productive atmosphere.

Negative energies and spiritual disturbances can disrupt this balance, leading to a myriad of challenges. Let's explore the elements of a business that require clearing, the types of negative energies that can attach to a business, and the benefits of shamanic clearing.

Elements of a Business That Need Clearing

Business premises, like any physical space, can accumulate negative energies over time. These energies often manifest in various forms:

Addressing the Business Deva

The Business Deva can be a guiding spirit akin to a guardian angel or protector. This entity plays a crucial role in the success and harmony of the business but can also suffer from afflictions similar to those affecting humans. Just as individuals can be afflicted by negative energies, so can the business deva. Addressing these afflictions through shamanic practices ensures that the deva remains a positive, protective presence.

A sole trader type of business is relatively straight forward to clear and balance, but difficulties can arise if there is more than one business partner as both may have different ideas and one person may be ethical and the other unethical and so on. This can create a lack of compatibility and chaos through the Deva, and clashes with the energies surrounding the partners, and whatever or whomever else is involved. This will need to be addressed.

When business partners disagree and one leaves, especially if acrimoniously, the partner who left may project Curse Consciousness, either consciously or subconsciously, to the remaining partner and business which will destabilise the Deva, and all connected with it. When partners break up it is necessary to disconnect shared consciousness from the business deva, much like a spiritual divorce in a family constellation session.

Psychic Terrain and Community Influence

The psychic terrain within which the business operates, includes not only the immediate physical environment but also the broader community and customer base. Negative influences in this psychic terrain can impact the business's sphere of influence.

Community Clearing: Shamanic practices can extend to clearing the psychic terrain of the surrounding community, ensuring that external negative influences focused towards the business, it’s people and the deva are minimised​.

Customer Relationships: By addressing and removing afflictions impacting the business's sphere of influence, shamanic cleansing can clear the way to improve customer relationships and community interactions, fostering a positive reputation and stronger connections.

Types of Negative Energies and Attachments

Several types of negative energies can attach to a business, it’s employees and the deva, impacting its operations, the well-being of its employees, and the energy between it and it’s customers:

The Benefits of Shamanic Business Clearing

Shamanic business clearing offers numerous benefits, enhancing both the environment and the operational efficiency of a business:

Energetics of Business Clearing

Generally speaking practitioners use divination techniques to understand the energetic imprints and metaphysical afflictions, in order to manipulate these subtle energies to bring about harmony and balance. This involves:

Examples Shamanic Business Clearings

To illustrate the effectiveness of shamanic business clearing, consider the following cases:

Case 1: Tech Startup

A tech startup experiencing high employee turnover and frequent conflicts sought shamanic business clearing. After a thorough clearing process, the company reported a significant improvement in employee morale and productivity. The positive atmosphere also attracted new clients, boosting the startup's growth.

Case 2: Retail Store

A retail store struggling with declining sales and a negative reputation in the community underwent shamanic clearing. By addressing the negative energies and clearing the psychic terrain surrounding the store, the business experienced a revival. Sales increased, and the store regained its positive reputation in the community.

Case 3: Corporate Office

A corporate office plagued by stress and high absenteeism benefited from shamanic clearing. The process involved addressing the business deva and balancing the office's energies. The result was a more harmonious work environment, leading to reduced absenteeism and improved overall productivity.

Case 4: Health Supplement Manufacturer

A well known producer of health supplements was dealing with the acrimonious separation of one of the founding partners, who it turns out had been extremely dishonest in many of their dealings on behalf of and towards the business. The business deva needed to be disconnected from the disgruntled dishonest partner, who had directed an unconscious curse that was affecting the deva and all elements of the business, which was leading to a lot of ill will from suppliers, who had not been paid properly for their products and were at the point of calling in their debts, leaving the company possibly struggling to meet their operational demands. A cleanse lifted the heavy energy immediately and was felt by all senior personal, which created space for more good will from those suppliers and customers, leading to increased sales.

Case 5: My previous businesses

Every time we released a new offering to the public we would immediately receive a deluge of psychic attacks from haters and randoms. These eventually increased the psychic load on the deva and overtime created an internal hostile environment, which further increased the psychic load. Until the source of the ‘heaviness’ was dealt with and returned with love. After each business cleanse we would immediately receive an increase in bookings and enquiry.  This still happens now so requires regular maintenance.

How to Get Started with Shamanic Business Clearing

Embarking on a journey to cleanse and harmonise your business environment begins with understanding the specific needs of your business. Here are steps to get started:

An holistic approach to addressing the business deva and psychic terrain, as well as clearing the physical energies of the buildings, provides a powerful means of maintaining a positive, productive, and harmonious business environment. By addressing and removing negative energies, businesses can ensure smoother operations, better client relationships, and enhanced well-being for their employees. Incorporating regular shamanic cleanses into business maintenance routines can create a thriving, energetic workspace conducive to success and growth.

Written by

Joseph Callender

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