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The White Dragon Lineage

Our Clientele

Many of our clients are striving for a life of meaning and purpose and spiritual connection to something greater than themselves.  They find themselves unable to move out of their present circumstances and are looking for inspiration, wisdom, knowledge, and training to facilitate their growth and transition.

They are seeking a reframe of spirituality for their lives, realising that Religion has hijacked the spiritual narrative, and turned it into uninspiring dogma which no longer holds the capacity to nourish.

So younger generations have no reference points to achieve spiritual connection, other than drug induced altered states, pseudo spiritual tantra, festival attendance and pseudo spiritual practices like yoga.

The result is that most people do not experience the awe of creation or the connection to divine grace as they have no reference point to properly conceptualise what divinity actually is. Many have become disconnected from themselves, not really understanding who they are and their purpose in this incarnation.

They have become jaded, narrow focussed and preoccupied with the trivial and insignificant.  They have forgotten that most of their experiences are illusory to help them gain perspective and insight so they can learn, grow, and evolve.  They have forgotten that this world is a play and are taking their roles in it far too seriously.

Without purpose, they wander around aimlessly, allowing the ideas and the insane principles of a greedy corporate system to govern how they live their lives and get caught up in the money game to which they have given away their power and freedom; sacrificing their precious time and vitality for someone else’s benefit and in so doing, losing themselves and all perspective.

Perhaps there is a recognition of divinity in nature, in humanity or in animals, but many have lost the habit or ability to connect to the divinity in all things; from the shoes on their feet to the objects in their houses or the buildings and land they occupy.  A life that does not remember or that cannot connect to divinity can become shallow and without substance.

There are few reminders of one’s connection to divinity in modern lifestyles, and this concept seems to have been monopolised by religion and the media or the so called “Spiritual” communities. Some have been fortunate enough to receive a glimpse of divine grace that has sparked a yearning or desire to change their circumstances, to better themselves to contribute to their worlds.  They are on a trajectory that will enable them to realise that it is not about them, but about what they can do for others. However, in order to become useful to the world, they have to heal, grow, and become more knowledgeable, balanced, energised, powerful and skilful.  This is why they come to us:  

  • They wish to help others and are seeking to learn new skills that will enable them to help others emotionally and spiritually.
  • They wish to improve their understanding and ability to hold energetically clean spaces.
  • They wish to add spirit and shamanic work to their repertoire of skills they provide to their clients.
  • They wish to learn more about energy principles to apply to their personal and professional practices.
  • They wish to become spirit and shamanic ceremonialists.
  • They wish to improve their spiritual standing - birth their spiritual bodies - increase their vibration and learn how to do this for others.
  • They are lost and wish to undergo some form of spiritual transformation and initiation to call into existence or birth a new spiritual version of themselves.
  • To commence on their individual journey to become more steadfast and sovereign, to take responsibility for their own growth trajectory and evolution and to develop their spiritual connection and skill.

Their growth will influence those around them, and they will become a source of light and inspiration for others.  They will become self-sustaining, courageous, and connected to divine grace and will spread their light by their mere presence.

Our Healing Practices will teach and facilitate them to shed much of the ancestral, historical, and metaphorical baggage and will help refocus their energy to be more aligned with their ascension path.

Our Mystery Schools will sustain them through their spiritual growth and will teach them valuable skills so that they begin to truly take responsibility for their own ascension.

The White Dragon Lineage

We are a collection of Mystery Schools and Healing Practices that facilitate and support participants to take charge of their ascension and transformational journeys in order to:

  • Remember the reasons for their incarnation and life purpose.
  • Birth and develop their spiritual selves.
  • Heal from and shed ancestral baggage and historical pains and trauma.
  • Develop their spiritual gifts and talents.
  • Reconnect with or recruit a spiritual support team.
  • Launch themselves into the next phase of their lives.
  • Learn how to become energetically self-sustaining.
  • Reconnect with Divine Grace.
  • Learn how to Fuel themselves with Universal energy to sustain their awakening.
  • Progress along their Ascension path.

To help us achieve the above, we also recruit suitable individuals that will assist us with our aim to:

  • Be a source and channel of Divine Grace and Divine Love.
  • Hold a space of Divine Grace and Healing Love.
  • Create and Teach how to hold Sacred Spaces that invoke Divine frequency.
  • Remove the blocks that prevent a person experiencing Divinity, wholeness, purpose, steadfastness, and loving grace.
  • Build energetic and magical structures that support a person’s ability to hold the frequency of, and channel, Divine Grace.
  • Teach skills, techniques, and tools to awaken shamanic and psychic abilities.
  • Tune in to divine masters, transcended loving teachers and guides and skilful healers, magicians, and shamans.
  • Access Divine ancient Wisdom, Power, Grace, Love and Strength.