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Embrace the Journey to Ascension

Shamanic Ascension Training integrates timeless shamanic practices with contemporary spiritual techniques to help participants ascend spiritually, heal energetically, and awaken to their fullest potential. Participants will learn to navigate and integrate the teachings of their spirit teams into daily life, to help create a harmonious balance between their physical existence and their spiritual practice.

Shamanic Ascension Training is a pathway to enlightenment and personal empowerment. This unique spiritual journey embraces ancient shamanic traditions and combines them with the principles of spiritual ascension, to guide you through an expansive soul awakening.

We are not separate from nature, but integral parts of the cosmic tapestry. Through rituals, ceremonies, and deep introspection, we provide a pathway to reconnect with your inner selves, the natural world, and the divine.

The practical application of shamanic principals stands out as a beacon of wisdom and transformation in a world, where the pursuit of success and material wealth often takes precedence over spiritual growth.  Many have noticed they are spiritually undernourished, and there is a growing hunger for something deeper, something more profound – Spiritual Ascension. For individuals who have achieved great success in their careers and endeavours, the journey towards spiritual enlightenment may become increasingly enticing.

Shamanic Ascension Training is more than learning about spiritual rituals and practices; it is about transforming oneself to align with higher spiritual frequencies. It involves teaches participants how to elevate their energetic vibration, connect deeply with spirit guides, and harness the energies of the Earth and the universe.

Whether you seek to heal from past traumas, connect with spiritual entities, or simply wish to live a more enlightened life, Shamanic Ascension Training offers a fulfilling journey that transforms how you interact with the world. Discover how you can elevate your spiritual practice and lead a life of greater meaning and joy.

How do I know if this is right for Me?

You are:

  • Interested in improving your connection to spirit and your spirit teams.
  • Aware of the agreement you made with your biological lineage to take on the karma and assist in healing the whole lineage.
  • Comfortable with shadow work and working with all different types of energies.
  • Aware of your own traumas, patterns and projections and wish to deepen your self work.
  • Willing to take full responsibility for the spirit doors that will open with this work.
  • Wishing to provide balance to people and help lift the energetic load of humanity.
  • Willing to serve your spirit team, the planet, your community and your family.
  • Grounded and practical, even when working with spirit.
  • More interested in lifting others than striving for your own personal enrichment and gains
  • Interested in a great return on your investment.

If you resonate with this work please get in touch.  We are happy to chat with interested participants to explain the work in more detail.

Shamanic Ascension Training Journey

Level 1 workshops can be taken in any order and Spirit Communications must be completed to progress to level 2. Spirit Communication will be ON-DEMAND only and can be taken on Power TV.


Levels 1 & 2 make up Shamanic Communications FOUNDATIONS.

Note: if you have completed any of the Shamanic Magician Foundations, then you will be considered to have completed the equivalent workshops listed here. Should you have finished Shamanic Magician FOUNDATIONS then you can jump straight to Level 3. We continually update our workshops and will maintain the 50% discount for repeating workshops will be across the previous programmes.

Level 2 workshops can be taken in any order. Consider repeating if it has been several years since you attended them. The repeating discount will apply.


Level 3 workshops can be taken in any order. You will be interviewed for approval before you can participate in Sacred Rituals. Participation in Sacred Space Weaver plus The Inner Temple (by The Temple of Shamanic Magick) will make Level 3 optional to progress to Level 4. However, if you have not yet completed FOUNDATIONS (Levels 1 & 2) then you will need to complete this to progress to Level 4.


Level 4 workshops must start with Spirit Weaver. Plus all previous levels have to be completed before you are allowed to participate in Level 4 workshops.

You will be interviewed for suitability before you can participate in Spirit Weaver. Practitioner Mentoring is optional.


Level 5 Space Cleanser is optional, and can be taken in any time after completing Spirit Weaver.


Level 6 The Tower of Ascension also requires approval to participate as you may need to demonstrate up to 100 + clinic hours for shamanic clearing and using the Spirit Weaver medicine wheel.

Level 7 The Path to Ascension will also require an interview to determine readiness and suitability.

There are presently 7 levels to this programme, with Level 1 as the starting point. The ideal pathway is to progress through the levels in sequential order.

When you can surrender to a state of not knowing, and honest acceptance of your own ignorance, this creates a more receptive state for 'spirit' to provide answers at the appropriate times that you need them to take the next step in your journey.

This is a journey of embodiment, humility and gratitude, and will teach you patience, respect, honouring and many more Human skills and mindsets that seem to be missing from our usual educational sources.

All are welcome to the early stages of the work, and with continual mentoring, therapy and application, you can apply to partake in the later rituals, and initiations at an appropriate pace.